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What to do with my life? Perhaps the most important question you’ll ever ask yourself. Checklists save lives. They are critical for pilots, engineers, builders and surgeons; And they are critical for your life too. Having a Life Checklist will protect you from distraction, weakness, failure and neglect.  This is not a bucket list, but a list of things that must happen and things that must never happen.
Watch following video to see what things must be on your life list and learn how to make a clearly defined list and then LIVE BY THE LIST! 

The Checklist Manifesto

Today my friends I want to talk about the CHECKLIST.

There is a book called “The Checklist Manifesto”:




Overview of the book: “A critical look at how checklists can be used to
dramatically reduce errors and increase discipline in an organization. The author, who is also a surgeon, chronicles his ultimately successful attempt at introducing checklists to radically improve surgical outcomes globally through the World Health Organization and their application in other industries like construction, finance, and aviation.”



So I want to share with you what he wrote about the power of CHECKLISTS:

“Faulty memory and distraction are a particular danger in what engineers call all-or-none process: if you miss just one key thing, you might as well not have made the effort at all. CHECKLISTS provide protection atul gawandeagainst such failures. They remind us of the minimum necessary steps and make them explicit”.

“CHECKLISTS seem able to defend anyone, even the experienced, against failure in many more tasks than we realized. They provide a kind of a cognitive net. They catch flaws of memory, attention, and thoroughness… They do not try to spell out everything. A CHECKLIST cannot fly a plane. Instead, they provide reminders of only the most critical and important steps”.

Isn’t that just fantastic for life!

This is why I  really want to challenge you and encourage you to create a LIFE LIST that will help and protect you from failure in life.

Just take a good look at your life and try to see:

  • What really MATTERS most?

  • What things do we have absolutely to do?

  • What things do we absolutely want to avoid?

To Do List

Here are a few suggestions that may be on your list and that are already in mine:



  • What about your relationship  with God? As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!
  • What about your relationship with your spouse?
  • What about your relationship with your children?
  • What about parenting?
  • What about education? Your own and your children’s?
  • What about your health?
  • What about your feelings? Are you really truly HAPPY?
  • What about your work? Are you passionate about it?
  • What about your own song? Are you singing the song you are born to sing? Are you living on PURPOSE?
  • What about the use of time?
  • What about the people you surround yourself with?
  • What about leadership? What kind of leadership are you going to offer?
  • What about your skills? How are you going to serve at a top level?
  • What about wealth? Your Financial independence?
  • What about integrity and character?


These are some of the things that you need to clearly  write on your LIFE CHECKLIST.  And make sure that this  checklist is CRYSTAL CLEAR! Put keywords and power words on your list so that you can stay motivated all the way of your journey. Words like:

  • I will not live under my FEARS and my DOUBTS!!
  • I will not be a VICTIM!

And make sure to live by the list! 

Each of us needs to create our own checklist for life. What are the things that must absolutely be done, no exceptions?

Don’t do what most people do and say to yourself that this is a really good idea and then do nothing.

Do It.

Be thorough, be detailed, do a great job, and make sure to include your spouse and children too.

Then start working on your checklist. Maybe focus on one each day or one a week like Benjamin Franklin did. Put it up, reference it often.

Live By Your List

We have a TREMENDOUS power to SHAPE and CREATE  our own LIFE! No kidding! We can become who we want to become  if we only want to!




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