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If you’re not really happy, something’s gotta change! The great news is that so much of happiness is a habit; one that can be acquired.  Happiness is not simply a ‘have or have not’ scenario. You can decide to feel happier today by being to emulate these top 6 characteristics of really happy people.

The Top 6 Characteristics of Real Happy People

So many things in life are patterns, characteristics, signs, and symptoms. And it is the same with HAPPINESS. Truly happy people have qualities and characteristics. These qualities can be evaluated with great results.

So today we are going to cover the top 6 of really HAPPY people.

#1 The Smile

Smiling has magic powers on you. Smiling makes you feel better and makes others feel better as well. It is so simple and so easy, yet it is so neglected. It is not necessary to be happy in order to smile. You can convert it and SMILE to be HAPPY. Take this step and put a big smile on your face and then you will see great results.

#2 The Presence

Really HAPPY people are present all the time. You may have noticed people who are “present” but not really “PRESENT”! So real happy people know how to get to the moment. They know how to feel it and sense it. They are attentive, alert and focused. So take a moment, especially in your special times, to get centered, focused, balanced and PRESENT. HAPPY people are PRESENT!

 #3 Enthusiasm

HAPPY people are enthusiastic and fun. Therefore, you need to be enthusiastic and have fun. Try being spontaneous and don’t take things so seriously.  HAPPY people let small things be small and not getting bothered by them. Things and plans may go wrong in life and that is totally fine. Try to have that kind of attitude to be enthusiastic and get out and have some fun. Plan to do really exciting stuff!

#4 Gratefulness

Really HAPPY people are grateful and grateful people act differently because they let their gratitude touch them and so they express it! Make a habit of expressing gratitude all the time and don’t let your ego get in the way! Eliminate worry and replace it with deep gratitude. If it is out of your control, then there is nothing you can do about it, so don’t worry about it! If it is under your control then you can do something about it so don’t worry about it!

#5 Kindness

The more you give love and KINDNESS, the more it comes back to you! Slow down and become conscious of having a personality.

#6 Optimism

If you want to be really HAPPY, then you have to go through life carrying an OPTIMISTIC HAPPY attitude! Try to see the good side of everyone and everything. And learn to see things through OPTIMISTIC lenses because everything in your heart, mind, soul and life is affected by how you see it. So shift your habitual thinking patterns to see the good.

Be REALLY HAPPY by acquiring and applying these six characteristics of HAPPY PEOPLE!



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March 29, 2016
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