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Leaders are readers! And what they read determines who they become.  Mediocre people don’t read, or occasionally read some frothy book. And what they read determines who they become.  Input determines output. Begin a habit today of consistently reading from the best books for the rest of your life. It will literally shape who you become. In fact, what you read or fail to read is already shaping who you are.

Input Determines Output

Oscar Wilde once said: “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines who you will be when you can’t help it.” 

I love that thought! What we choose to read, what we choose to see, what we choose to expose ourselves to, and what we choose to do at our free time determines who we become! You can’t say you want to be one thing and fill your mind and your life with something else. It just doesn’t work like that!

Input determines output, this is the law of meritocracy. You get what you deserve. It’s the law of karma. You get back what you give out. And if garbage comes in, garbage will come out. It’s all of these ideas are the law of the harvest. You can’t plant corn and hope for tomatoes! It just won’t work.

So , I want to challenge you to create a list. If you don’t have a list of great books you are reading from, make one today!

(You can find great lists at and

If you don’t have  a list, get one and work on it all the time.

Books Can Literally Change Your Life

kindlI am constantly reading books.I finished two books yesterday and I am usually working on three or four at the time. I always have several audio books, digital books and a couple of paper books that I got with me constantly so that I always have something to do. Even for a brief moment. Any moment where I’m reading a couple pages, a couple paragraph or a chapter. Because what happens is that the more great ideas you expose yourself to, the more you and I learn how to think. And to think about the great questions and great ideas and the bigger things! It’s what’s called “biblio-therapy”. “Biblio” for the books and “therapy” is the change and growth. It’s’ changing and transforming your whole life through the reading of a great book. And I promise, it works!

I grew up in a broken home and I ended up on my own at an early age struggling and fighting through those dark hard  years. They were horrible! I was so desperate to leave the depression, loneliness and being broke and ignorant!  And books have literally changed my life! And now I am traveling THE WORLD with my family!! Doing work that I absolutely love and I’m on the quest of becoming a superb human being. All because of books!

And an actual book can’t change your life of course. It’s the ideas that you have to plant in the garden of your mind and they will start to grow.  And I wholeheartedly believe that what Oscar Wilde said is true! What you and I choose to read, will make us who we become.

So read fantastic books and make the most of yourself.




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