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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

Too many of us are merely existing! Going through life, doing the same thing, day after humdrum day. Life doesn’t have to be like that. You can get out of the rut and live a life that is extraordinary and special. You can be balanced and focused on meaning and purpose.

Getting outside and connecting with nature and the earth is one of the best ways to get present and centered.

Connect Yourself with Nature

I want to encourage you to get outside! Some people live in concrete jungle! They go from their house to their garage, get their car and go spend the most of the time in the office.

Life is so short and so precious! Get outside! Set aside time -daily if you can- to get outside with people you love and just enjoy the nature. Try to get away from all man’s creation, all the concrete stuff, the people, the pollution, and all those things. Spend some quiet time thinking and reflecting because that helps you bring back focus and there is just so many benefits.

Go outside and enjoy this beautiful world. If you can travel, travel often! Go see all the beautiful creations that God made for us.

  • Get out and live!
  • Get out and enjoy the nature!
  • Take your shoes off and walk on the sand and enjoy the moment!
  • Get out and have adventures!
  • Get out and enjoy life!

And the most important part, do this with your family!
I often say that if parents would spend time with their children out in the nature doing great things together, then they won’t have to send their kids to these nature therapy programs later on.

There is something powerful about nature and about bringing perspective, purpose and vision to life!

So get out there regularly, take your family, strengthen your family and get out in the nature!



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