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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

Does your life feel superficial sometimes? Do you wish you had deeper relationships and experiences?

What Can We Learn from an Iceberg?

I think we have probably all seen a picture of an iceberg, right? The big beautiful mountain of a chunk of ice above the surface but below the surface is like 75% of it.

Here’s how it looks like ==>

And there’s a great lesson there. That what we see above the surface is just a tiny bit of what really is there!


I think too many of us live on a superficial level and I think we all need to live life ‘deeper’. Therefore, I want you to think about that:

  • Are there areas in your life where you are kind of being superficial?
  • Are your relationships superficial or are they deep and meaningful?
  • Are your conversations superficial or meaningful? So many conversations are just ‘blah, blah,blah…’ I challenge you to take your conversations to the next level.
  • Are your own thoughts meaningful or superficial?

To make it more comprehensive, let me give you some definitions.




  1. existing or occurring at or on the surface.
  2. appearing to be true or real only until examined more closely.
  3. not having or showing any depth of character or understanding.

Let’s Move Beyond Superficial and Become Great People

I hope you are never guilty of putting on a mask or a show and being superficial towards other people. And if you have done it, please stop and don’t ever do it again. Because what a tragedy to put on the show this big act and what I like to call ‘the peacock pageantry’ and behind all that it’s all fake. Hence, be real, be authentic and be you but be the very best YOU!

Too many people are hiding behind closed doors doing immoral things. But we need to be true in the light as well as in the dark. Whatever you are doing, be true! So that if you are examined, there is nothing to hide.

There are five major aspects of life: physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional. Are you shallow or superficial in any of those areas?

I honestly feel comfortable saying that all of us are underdeveloped in one way or another and we can grow more. Thus, I challenge you to do that. Get below the surface and develop every aspect of your life that needs to be developed. And like the iceberg, it’s not just what you see above the surface, we need to get down to what really matters, what’s deeper and what’s important.

There is a great book by John C.Maxwell called “Thinking for a Change”  that I highly recommend.

Another great book is “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen.

In brief, let’s get on this quest for greatness to become superb human beings. Try to get in a spot of your life where you really know what you are doing is meaningful and it really matters.

Let’s reach upward, move beyond the superficial and become great people!



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December 26, 2016
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