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In the end, each of us will ask ourselves if we lived a meaningful life. “Did I matter?”
There are a few things that we must to do consistently to live meaningfully.
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If You Were to Die Today…

I have a question that I want to ask: If you were to die today, what would be your top regrets?

As I have asked audiences this question and let them think deeply through that, it is amazing how that perspective automatically puts things in a sense of priority and importance. The vast majority of people that I have asked said:

1 You know… I wish would have served more and had a more positive impact. I wish would have helped more people.

2 I wish would have worked on and improved my important relationships.

Isn’t that fascinating? Because honestly, how they answered that is really what they need to be working on.

Now take your time and answer the question.

If you would regret for not having done that if you were to die today then those are the things you need to start working on.

Man’s Search for Meaning Quotes

Let me share some quotes by Viktor Frankl from his excellent book Man’s Search for Meaning:

“Striving to find meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man. This meaning is unique and specific and it must and can only be fulfilled by him or her alone.”

Do you have your meaning yet? If you have an idea what it is then I challenge you to work on it every single day. Let your alarm clock turn into an opportunity clock where you wake up excited to make a difference and to live meaningfully.

“There is a detrimental influence and which so many patients complain to the feeling of total and ultimate meaninglessness of their lives.”

We live in such an incredible time and there so many opportunities and yet people living like a ‘life of quiet desperation’. And yet how many of us are spending our days (and therefore our lives! Because our lives are just the sum total of our days) doing pretty meaningless stuff? Are you one of them? Are you consistently wasting your time doing things that don’t really matter that much? Things like video games, TV, internet, social media, pornography, mindless music, hanging out all the time, meaningless conversation, gossip…etc  Days pass, weeks, months, years and then even decades pass with you doing nothing but that!

Make Your Plane

Well, I am not telling you this to make you feel bad but I am just reminding you -and me as well- that we have got to live meaningful lives.

Ask yourself seriously: If I would to die today what would I regret? And this will give you perspective about the things that really matter. And what I would highly recommend is to make a plan. Get a piece of paper out and write down a clear plan of how you can live more meaningfully each day, each week, each month and each year.

What Will You Begin Doing Today to Have More Meaning

What will you begin doing today to have more meaning? Take the time and effort to answer this question. How will you inspire your friends and your family to live more meaningful lives? Because this isn’t just about you, we want to lead out and inspire the people around us to do the same thing.

One little suggestion I want to throw out is what’s called ‘acts of random kindness’ which means ‘just do nice things’. Such what? Smile, compliment, leave kind notes, buy a gift for someone, leave a gift on someone’s doorstep, go visit someone, help others feel great…etc and I promise that this will make such an incredible impact in your life!

Ask better questions

Have better conversations

Take all your activities and say how can I upgrade this and that?



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January 4, 2017
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