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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

Praise for Greg Denning

Thanks for Living to the Fullest!

We haven't met yet but you and your family have helped shape the direction my and my family's lives have taken. Thank you for living your life to the fullest, for it ripples outward. YOU are a gift and thank you for giving!

- Jen Silver

Thanks for Showing Me a Better Way

Thanks for being an example of so much good, so much kindness, intelligence, and awesome sauce!
Thanks for showing me a better way, taking me to new heights, dragging me up the mountain to see the view, being a leader, an example, a friend, an excellent teacher, a man of God, and a "great force for good"

- Devon K
Teen & Student

Your Videos Have Changed My Life

Thank you for all your positive videos. They have changed my life in many ways.

- Tsisokay
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I Will Take Your Message to Heart

Not one word here that I don't agree with 100%! Thank you Greg. It is apparent that you have done an immense amount of work toward being the best possible you that you can be. Teaching/sharing by example - perhaps the best way to reach and help others find and live their optimal path. Your message is definitely something that I will take to heart and share. "Life is what we make it"...

- Robert Gower
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