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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude can totally transform your life. Living with thankfulness changes the way you see your world and radiates out to those around you.

We Can Carry the World in Our Pockets

We live in the most incredible time in the world’s history. Never before have we -as human beings- had so many opportunities, so many blessings, and so much luxury and ability. We can carry the world in our pockets (Phones), we can communicate with friends and family around the world and across time zones and borders. It’s just incredible!

Well, even though we live in this unbelievable time, so many people are still ungrateful. We just take a lot of things in life for granted. For instance your health, the fact that you are reading this, your hearing, your hands, your body, your senses, and even that you are alive. It’s such a great blessing. Yet, it is easy for you and me to get frustrated and to live in this continuous state of discontentedness because maybe things don’t go exactly as planned or people do things that annoy you or something similar. And unfortunately, hours of frustration turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and then years into the whole life! What a tragedy that we spend our lives, our time, our energy and our focus not on gratitude but on the lack and in what we don’t have.

How to Make Grateful Your Way of Being

Thus, I want to challenge you. Instead of being frustrated and bothered just make a little switch -it’s not much more effort, it’s just a little more effort- that when the power goes out and problems get in the way take a pause and say ‘I am so grateful for all the times that it’s good’ ‘I am so grateful for all these other things and for so much goodness in my life’.

Make happiness and gratitude your way of being. When there are difficulties, trials and challenges you still cultivate gratitude in your life.

I went through some hard times! I was out on my own in an early age, I felt loneliness, desperation, hurt, depression and even physical disability. But I let gratitude my way of being.

Therefore, no matter what struggles you go through, let gratitude be your way of being. Radiate a cheerfulness and a sincere thankfulness in your mind, your heart, your feelings, your emotions, and in your soul that you wake up each morning and you thank God for life and for another chance!

What’s more than being grateful for life is that I want you to express it. Because as we say it we feel it and it radiates to others around us. Hence, look for and make all kinds of opportunities to sincerely express your gratitude to others.

Life is good!

To the rest of our lives, let’s make gratitude our way of being!



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