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The culture you’ve created in your life, whether consciously or unconsciously, will determine the results you get in life, more than anything else you do.
Have you created a successful family culture? How do you go about doing it?
What you do by default–what you think about when you don’t have to think, what you automatically do in the morning, with free time, etc–is going to determine who you become and what results you produce… or fail to produce.
Mindset and habits are the two most important factors in a happy and successful life, no matter what that might look like for you.
It determines the love in your life, your health, your fitness, your relationships, your spirituality and everything else!
Your personal and family culture are both the results of and the reproducers of your mindset and habits.

Culture Will Always Triumph

I want to share a few thoughts about setting up the kind of culture you want in your family. Why culture? Because culture will always triumph. And by culture, I mean it’s what you do,  who you are and it’s the things you habitually do all the time.

Culture is how we interact with each other.

Culture is what you do with your free time.

Culture is your habits.

(Click here to check this great post about the importance of creating a culture)

I want you to think about anything great that you want to accomplish -as a person and as a family- and set up a culture around that. What do you need to do? You need to think through this, create plans, and put things in place that facilitate that culture.

Well, it may actually take some time to create a good culture, especially if you are making a huge shift in your life.

I personally transformed my life and created a culture that’s way different from who I was. For instance, I grew up eating garbage and totally out of shape and then at 16 years old I decided to transform my whole life. Thus, I cut out all the junk food and the unhealthy garbage. Honestly, at the beginning that was really hard for me. I was constantly resisting the temptation of eating all the tasty -yet unhealthy- food. But once I created the culture there was no longer any temptation.

Unhealthy food is only an example for you. But you can transform any aspect of your life and create a culture that supports that aspect well.

Hence, what kind of culture you want?

Do you want a culture of love?

Do you want a culture of service?

Do you want a culture of learning?

The message I am pointing to is that you need to make a culture that’s your default. In other words, a culture that you don’t need any reminders to constantly remind you to do things or rituals. A culture that’s based on your habits. Again, that may take some time to set it up but it will eventually grow and give sweet fruits.

Carefully think through every great thing you want to accomplish, create, and become and then craft a culture around that so it becomes just what you do and who you are.



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November 14, 2016
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