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I sincerely believe that anyone can achieve true success and happiness… but you have to follow the recipe!

The Ingredients of Life

My 13 years old daughter (Kayah) is so passionate about cooking and luckily she is an awesome cooker. Last night she made this unbelievable tortilla and it was incredible. And the other day she said you know ‘the ingredient by itself isn’t very appealing and it’s kind of nasty but all together make delicious plates.’ And ‘boom’ that hit me right to the face! Yes that’s life!

Life recipe for success and happiness has these wonderful ingredients in the right proportions. Although some ingredients don’t seem very appealing, but together they make wonders.

What are some of those essential ingredients? And what portion amount do they need?   Please take some time and answer this before I share my thoughts.

3 Essential Ingredients of Life

Let me share a couple that I think are essential:

#1 Growth

I read one this morning from the Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles and I highly recommend that book. He said that men and women were created for growth and it is necessary to grow in order to be happy. Much of the unhappiness that people experience is because they are not growing. Therefore, one of the absolute essential ingredients of life is we have to be growing, we have to be improving and we have to be changing.

Please join me on this quest for greatness.

The only limits in your life are the limits you place upon.

#2 Purpose

Another essential ingredient is purpose. We have got to wake up on purpose and get up from bed with something to work on. Something that drives, challenges, and excites you to contribute, to create, to add value to your life and leave the world a better place. And I want to add one more element to purpose which is greatness. I want to challenge you to have a purpose that’s great and that’s really meaningful.

#3 Love

Another essential element is love. Let your heart be filled with love. One of my mentees the other day said if we are viewing people in boxes and we are objectifying them it is because we are judging them from too far away. Thus, try to fill your life with love.

Those are just three simple things but you can go on and add your elements to them.

If we take these ingredients, work on ourselves and try to develop and grow in each important area of our lives then I promise (I promise you because I have done it) that your life will be awesome!

Make sure you are getting those essential ingredients and put them to your recipe for happiness and success.

PS: If you want more than this, I teach a leadership series so make sure to visit and sign up for my leadership series which will walk you through each of those important ingredients and help your reach for your very best.



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January 4, 2017
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