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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

If you were only allowed to lead by example to share and teach what you believed, what message would you be sending?

If your peers, children, neighbors, etc could only be influenced by what you model, how would you be doing at teaching what you believe? What do your actions say? What do your habits reveal? Are they showing the ‘you’ you want to be?

Lead by Example: Our Actions Reveal Us and Teach More Than Our Words

What you and I actually do — apart from what we say — is what really reveals us, and is the true message that we teach. No matter if we are intentional about it or not, we always teach and lead by example.

I want to ask you a super powerful question. If you were only allowed to teach by example, how would you be doing it?

In other words, your associates, your friends, your children, the people you lead, and the people you are surrounded by, if all what they saw from you was what you modeled, how would you be doing?

In truth, a lot of what we say can be important but people are more likely to learn more from what we do or do not do than what we say. If you were not allowed to speak and the only way you were allowed to influence was through example and modeling, then how would you do?

You have really to ask yourself:

  • What are you conveying with your examples?
  • How are your habits?
  • How are your actions?
  • What your habits and actions say?
  • What are your friends; children and family picking up on?

Let’s Take Our Lives to The Next Level

I really want to encourage you to think about this and take some time to make some resolutions. From now, on promise yourself that — through the way you live your life, your way of being, the way you interact with others, the way you use your free time, the kind of things you read, and the kinds of things you do — that you are going to live as though you only were allowed to influence others through modeling and example.

If you and I lived in that way, the power of influence for good we’ll have in the world will be incredible. We’ll also feel better about ourselves and others around us will feel that power of influence to do good.

So let’s reach upward and  take our lives to the next level — lead by example.



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June 17, 2016
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