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Life is just far too short to be lame! And yes, it’s a choice. You get to choose. Life is what you make of it. Make it awesome.  In this blog post I share the proven principles that helped me move from a very difficult start and living on the streets, to living an incredible life.

Is It Possible to Live an Awesome Life!

I want to tell you how to take your life from ‘blah’ to AWESOME! It’s totally possible and you should do it!

I often ask people what their most dominant emotion is and how they feel most of the time and I want to ask you that. So take a minute to consider what you feel most of the time. For a lot of the people the response is frustration or anger. And a lot of other people say it’s just ‘blah’!

So I want to share three quick principles to help move your life from ‘blah’ to awesome!

#1 Do Things  That Excite You

 If you have a passion, get excited about it, work on it, develop talents and spend some time doing those things that excite you. Do something that lights your fire so that when you think about it, when you talk about it and when you do it, it makes you feel alive!

#2 Do Things That Are Meaningful

A lot of people go through life without any real meaning. They’re not doing anything that matters. So ask yourself that. What have I done this year that really matters? Don’t allow yourself to cheat and give bogus answers. Really take a solid and honest look to at your life. What am I really doing that matters? 

So do the things that matter, find your purpose and live it.

#3 Do Things That Are Fulfilling

Do things that are fulfilling and things that bring tremendous  rewards to your life. It may be expressing your talents or, it might be in serving others and helping others be happier. Do something that just brings so much fulfilment and makes you feel great when you are doing it!

Live an Awesome Life

So if you’re in a job that is kind of ‘blah’ job, look for a change. If you are living in an area that is kind of ‘blah’ right now, move. If your marriage and relationships are kind of ‘blah’, improve them. Get excited about life again and get going! Do something that excites you, do something that is meaningful and really matters and do something that is really fulfilling!



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