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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

Life is so good! And it is so individual. Each of us has a special path to follow. You have a mission! You were born to do something great. So do it; and stop caring what others think.  Live greatly, and leave others’ opinion of you and your life, with them.

Live Your Life on Your Terms

One of the most important things you’ll ever do is to stop caring about what other people think! Some people think that it’s impossible to care about the person and not care what they think. But I think that the opposite is true.

I grew up in a broken home. I was on my own in an early age, and I struggled with insecurity, with confidence, with depression. I was so timid and so shy! I couldn’t look somebody in the eye, let alone look at a camera and talk! I couldn’t get in front of a crowd and especially couldn’t talk to girls. I just lived in a shell and walked around with my head down hoping that no one would talk to me. And I lived with this fear of what other people thought. People would make fun of me for all different kinds of reasons, and I lived with that. And I had to overcome that. I had to grow through it.I didn’t want to have walls around my heart, my mind and my life. I didn’t want to be bitter or hurtful, I wanted to love people sincerely and genuinely. I wanted to have great relationships and great connections with people without giving too much power and allowing too much influence from what others thought. At some point, you have to live independent of the opinions of the others so you can live your life at YOUR LEVELS and YOUR TERMS!

How to Live Unconventionally

If you want to go for greatness and want to live unconventionally, if you want to do some crazy things that are great in a great way, then a lot of people are going to criticise you and a lot of people are going  to be bitter. You should hear some of the things that people said to us because we’ve lived unconventionally. We don’t play by the rules of society. We don’t live according to the dictates of social conditioning. We’ve taken our six children to go out and travel the world, make a difference and live a great life. And a lot of people have tried to tear us down and have said horrible things about us. And at some point, you just have to disconnect yourself and say ‘you know what! I value and respect you but I am not going to take on your crap! I’m not going to take what you’re saying into my life. I’m going to disconnect.’

And you may be wondering how to do it. And here is what I’ve learned. It doesn’t always come instantly, but it can. I think that I learned it the slow and hard way, but I would say that the number one way is to have a vision. To have a crystal clear vision of who you are becoming and where are you going. And if you know that, if you’ve got it so clear in your mind and you are just heading there confidently; knowing that it’s great. It’s not pathetic, it’s not mediocre, it’s not bad or negative. It’s a good thing, it’s a great thing! You have these desires, these aspirations and this drive to do something great. Hold on to that vision, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Because you know where you’re going and you’re actually taking steps in that direction. At that point you have to say ‘I love and respect you, but I am going to live my life’

Even when family say all of these things you’ve got to say “Sorry. We love you so much but we’ve thought through this very carefully, we’ve studied it out and we have a vision of where we’re going and what we’re going to accomplish.” And if you hold on to that vision, then you get going and it’s awesome and you can be confident in it. Then you get to the point where you don’t even have to think about it. Somebody can say something  great or somebody can say something horrible and you can live independent of the opinions of the others because you know where you are going and who you are becoming, and it’s awesome!

There is greatness in you, huge potential, there is  genius in you. Do not allow others to tear you down and do not give them POWER over your DREAMS! Get out and make them HAPPEN!



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May 31, 2016
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