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Too many of us let our ego get in the way of our own progress. But swallowing our pride and facing the facts can hurt.  So be it. Stop resisting the solutions to your problems and get out of your own way. Resisting solutions can quickly sabotage your best efforts for improvement and a happy life. Don’t do it! 🙂

Take This Part of My Story to Inspire You

IMG_0896As most of you know part of my story, I grew up in a broken home and I ended up out on my own on an early age. I remember that I lived in some terrible places! I struggled and went through some really tough situations! I really remember that my life was miserable and that I was totally surrounded by misery! I also remember how I desperately was trying to know how to be successful and how to create a life that is full of happiness!

Therefore, I have been studying success principles and happiness for over twenty years! A further advantage is that  I have had the privilege for about seventy years to be teaching, speaking, mentoring and coaching in many nations around the world and helping thousands of people transforming their lives!!

Here’s What Successful People Do and What Unsuccessful People Do. 

Which Side Are you In?

SUCCESSFUL people get pride and  their ego out of the way. They are willing and open to accept new true. Those people have a bright future because they are willing to change! Furthermore,they are willing to take correction each time.

On the other side, people with mediocre future justify! They are always the exception and somehow the law of progress doesn’t apply to them! Therefore, they make their families suffer along with their personal  issues and they always complain about their life and situations. Moreover, whenever you offer a solution for them, they act like you just offered something that has nothing to do with them and that is completely irrelevant!

Here’s One of My Weaknesses

I am going to share one of my weaknesses and I hope you’ll be forgiving. People who reject and resist a solution to their problems, it just infuriates me! I don’t really know why do I care because eventually, their negative choices will affect their life, but I guess my frustration is because I was there! BUT I CHANGED!

We will be HAPPY when we choose to be HAPPY!

We will have a FULFILLING life when we live a FULFILLING life!

We will have what WE WANT when we go out and make it HAPPEN!

LIFE is what you and I make of it!

So like how I said, I get frustrated when there is an answer or a solution but  people still resist! And they continue to whine and blame while the answer is in front of their face!

I had to realize that you and I are exactly in control of our lives and of how we want to become! I had to realize that if anything is going to be better in my life, I had to be better first. And that I was not a victim but instead I was totally free to choose what I want. And that all the consequences around me are a direct result of my choices.

Of course I want to eat sweets, of course I love sweet food and I want to eat a huge portion of it but I realized that I am accountable for what in my mouth. Of course, I want to sleep and not exercise at all but I realized that this will bring me a mediocre living! Of course, I want to sit and just spend hours in front of the TV and not working if I don’t want to, but that is the point! Most things in life get done by people who don’t feel like doing them! And that is what would separate mediocre from excellence!


Greg Denning

The first step toward improving your life is the will to accept that you are entirely accountable for your life! And that you will accept and embrace the truth no matter how hard it was!

I have a bright future because I examine myself constantly and I ask others to examine me as well! And I am willing to look at every area in my life and make improvements.

Here’s a Challenge for You

So my challenge for you today is to CHANGE! If you have problems stop hiding them and fix them. If you are going through some psychological struggles, then face them and fix them.

Begin today and right now, to become a NEW YOU!



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