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How you live each day, is in the end, how you live your life! With that sobering truth in our minds, we want and need to live each day greatly. And you can! There are simple, proven strategies that you can practice every day to live your life greatly.  Find out how to improve your life in this short blog post.

Don’t Let Your Negative Thoughts Control You

Denning Family in TulumWe are living here in beautiful Costa Rica around the southern coast and I am learning how to surf and I just love it. We’re having a great time.

This last week we went out surfing several times, with tons of  paddling into the surf. I got sunburns, I was tired and stayed up late reading a phenomenal book. So what happened is that the next morning at 4:00 AM my alarm goes off and I felt like death! I had stayed up late, I was sunburned, and my muscles were sore. And I noticed what happened, and maybe this happens to you as well. My thoughts started going negative! What are you going to do? The alarm goes off,  and you have the opportunity to get up, get going and make your day awesome OR you can hit the snooze button. Or maybe your thoughts start turning to the negative and all of a sudden you’re throwing yourself a pity party before you’ve even made it out of bed!

How to Make Your Days Go Better

So I want to talk today about how to make your days go better. Most people go through life in turmoil, and stress and frustration. A lot of people are just hurting, their days suck and they go through life hoping that their day goes right, hoping that things work out, and  waiting for someone to come and make their day instead of making themselves!

Simple Key Points to Make Your Life Better

So I want to give you some key points to make your days go better:

#1 Start The Day Right 

Because how you start the day is how the day goes. Start with power thoughts. If you catch yourself with negative thoughts at the morning you can change that, you really can. Practice smiling! Write down some power thoughts; quotes and things that get you in the right frame of mind. Do not allow yourself to stay down and negative! Watch this other video I just made about the power of controlling your mind. The mind control that we learn from the excellent book: Unbroken. We have to control our minds. So first, make sure your mind is going in the right direction.

#2 Create Good Habits

Second, people are sabotaging their own days without even knowing it. From the very beginning, they are setting themselves for failure instead of success. So number two is to create some habits that will get your days going in the right direction. I would suggest working from a list, just before bed  quickly jot down some of the things that you want to do; your top priorities. And in the morning review those and  write some goals. And this can be quick!

I would also suggest an Hour of Power in the morning, where you’re reading and doing great things. Look for my other videos on that. I also have a great product called: (How to Totally Transform your Life Before Breakfast)

So set up these little habits that get you going in the right direction. Guard your thinking, control your mind, set up some habits that start your day right and it will get you into the right motion and in the right attitude of mind. Make sure you have a great posture, be excited and optimistic about your day and start making your days go right, instead of just hoping they’ll work out and trying to live by default.

So get up each day excited and alive, get going, make things happen and make sure you are controlling and making your days awesome!



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