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You have the power and the choice to BE HAPPY NOW! Don’t make excuses, don’t put it off for someday, DECIDE to be happy right now. It’s your choice…so why not choose happiness.

Believe it or Not, Happiness is a Choice!

Happiness is a decision. We get to choose how we feel and that is the one thing that no one else can take away from us.  But too many people blame their circumstances for their lack of happiness.  And even when those circumstances change, they continue being unhappy; looking for some other excuses.

Resolve to be happy now.  No more deferred happiness.  No more excuses.  BE HAPPY!

 You have the power to choose to be happy NOW.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or until things are different. Decide to be happy right now and then go make things better. If you don’t choose to be happy now, when will you? Someday? Yeah, right! You’ll probably have some excuses then too.

C.S. Lewis’ imaginary devil said,

“We want a whole race perpetually in pursuit of the rainbow’s end, never honest, nor kind, nor happy now, but always using as mere fuel, wherewith to heap the alter of the future, every real gift which is offered them in the Present.” Screwtape, 79

What Is Real Happiness?


  • Joy, gratitude, just feeling good inside and out.
  • It’s not mere pleasure, it’s peace and contentment.
  • It’s doing something you love that’s of value. It’s being fulfilled.
  • It’s worry-free, remorse-free, bothered-free, nagging-free.
  • It’s pity-party free!! (Never invite me to your pity parties…. I’ll crash them;) )
  • It often has little to do with circumstances.
  • None of this ‘better if…’ stuff.

Are You Really Happy?

There is a problem with so many of us, and that is we all the time keep saying that –Someday I’ll- but the truth is that you’ll never get to that day! This is literally just a waste of time! Because we want to be happy NOW!

Every day we have 24 hours of diamond which we can take advantage of them. We don’t have to put it off for later because all we have is TODAY! So we have to LIVE IT. Decide to be happy TODAY and not SOMEDAY!

I challenge you to be happy RIGHT NOW. Get a big smile on your face and take your decision by being HAPPY from this moment on. Put off the excuses, put off the sentence of that -I’ll be happy if..- or -Someday I’ll- , get rid of all these obstacles and choose to be HAPPY NOW!

If it helps, write it down on your dashboard or put it on your mirror, but just BE HAPPY NOW! Or you can keep reminding yourself and convincing your conscious that you are actually happy and you will eventually be happy.

Don’t waste the days, the weeks, the months and the years lying to yourself and saying that you will be happy when.. BE HAPPY NOW!



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February 9, 2016
© 2016 Greg Denning. All rights reserved.