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In so many ways, your level of confidence determines your level of success. Learn how to be confident! I grew up insecure, shy, timid, and scared. Life stinks like that.  I knew I needed to learn how to be confident. I figured it out and now I enjoy great self confidence. You can too! Read this article to learn how to become confident and competent. Build the life you long to live.

Most people want to be more CONFIDENT. Feeling insecure and having the lack of confidence is one of the most common concerns in humanity. Right?! We all want to be more confident. I know that I did. I was very shy, very timid, very insecure and lacked the self confidence. I lacked the competence to be able to communicate,to present, to go somewhere and try new things, to face fears and the unknown. I lacked the confidence to change, to be uncomfortable, and to take risks. We all want to be more confident, but how do you do it? How do you actually become a more confident person? In other stories and more videos, I’ll tell you about my whole journey of going from this shy, reclusive, timid and insecure kid, to having confidence now, to where I feel like I can go anywhere, talk to anyone and try anything! But how do you do that? Here are a couple of tips:

#1 You Have to Start With Your Self-Talk or Endophasia

If you are always telling yourself negative things or talking yourself down, then your confidence starts to drop right away. So, you’ve got to stop the negative thoughts, stop pulling yourself down and  stop comparing yourself to others. None of that stuff. Just cut it completely out of your mental vocabulary and your self-talk. Instead, say positive things to yourself. Say things like ” I can do this.”or ” I’m confident and outgoing.” or ” I can make this happen and do it well.” It all starts with the endophasia.

 #2 You Have to Increase Your Competence

Competence means what you are good at. As you get better in something or or a lot of things, you start to feel more confident. So think of something you are good at. Find something you want to be great at and go after it. Practice that skill. Get great at it. And again, stop the comparison and the competition. Just get good at it and you’ll start to feel a confidence in that area that will carry over to other areas in your life. Watch my video about being more outgoing. That one thing really helped build my confidence. And then I began studying voraciously (I’ve got several videos on studying and reading) and as I read and studied I realized that could have some conversations because I noe knew some things that I could really talk about and even present about. So increase your competence. Part of that is practicing. Just practice being confident. 

#3 Get Used to Be Uncomfortable

I have another video about how to stop caring what others think. And you’ve got to do that. You’ve got to live independent of the opinions of others. Get used to being uncomfortable. Get used to trying new things and failing and get used in being in that uncomfortable stage of learning something new. It’s awkward when you’re the new person at work or in class. Get used to being uncomfortable, it’s okay! You have to be comfortable with who you are. Get some SELF ACCEPTANCE of:

  • ‘I know I am doing better’
  • ‘I have a vision of greatness and I’m moving towards it everyday’
  • ‘I’m comfortable with who I am and where I am going and I am moving forward’

Just doing those few steps will really make a huge difference in your life for becoming more CONFIDENT.

Here’s a Challenge For You

Here’s my challenge to you. Pick one specific area where you want to be more confident. Maybe it’s meeting people; maybe it’s trying something new, maybe it’s presenting or speaking, maybe it’s a new skill you want to pick up, a musical instrument or any new hobby. Whatever it is, pick one thing and tell yourself ‘I will become CONFIDENT and COMPETENT in that thing’ And start working on it everyday practicing over and over again and start living as as if and gaining that confidence. And as you get it you’ll start to feel better. And you can carry yourself with that great posture and excitement and that bright smile. You’ll be able to walk, move and live a life of confidence and it will change everything.

  • It will change your relationships.

  • It will change the way people view you.

  • It will change the way you do things.

  • It will change the way you live. Your actions, words and habits.

And everything will get BETTER as you get MORE CONFIDENT. So be more CONFIDENT, and reach upward for that level where you just feel alive and you’re being your very best self.




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June 3, 2016
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