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Do you ever feel a lack of motivation to do the things you know you need to be doing? Let me show you how to stay motivated!

I Intentionally Created the Life I want

I am a super motivated person! And when I go after stuff, I go with passion, purpose and excitement.  But hold on a second.. How about if I told you that I wasn’t always like this?! But I intentionally created my life the way I want it to be.

You know some of my story, right? Well, if you don’t, here’s an extract: I grew up in a broken home, I was out on my own in an early age and completely desperate. I was timid, shy, very unmotivated and just dragging through life without knowing where to go!


Thus, a lot of people ask me how can I stay motivated all the time? How can I actually do the thing that I know I need to do -and actually want to do- when I get discourage?

Actually, there is a recipe that If you follow and stick to, will change your whole life.

Three Simple Things to Stay Motivated All the Time

Hence, I want to give you three things:

#1 You have to really know and want what you are going after.

=>> What do I mean by that: you have to have total clarity. I would say that the clearer you are on your objective, the more motivated you’ll be to get there.

#2 Motivation is like our body that we have to constantly feed it. -You can’t say: Hey I am way too busy to eat this week I am just not going to be able to eat!- If you miss a whole week without eating what’s going to happen? Obviously, you are going to collapse! Well, the same thing happens with most people’s motivation. It simply collapses because it’s not being fed and it’s not being nourished. Therefore, you have to feed your motivation.

I am rereading an excellent book called As A Man Thinketh by James Allen and I highly recommend it.  In fact, I recommend that you read one or two pages out of that book every single day as part of your motivation.

==> How can we feed motivation? We can do that by watching inspiring videos (Click here to go to my inspiring channel), reading inspiring books, inspiring audio programs, getting around inspiring people…etc.

Albert Great said:

“The common denominator of success is that successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do”

#3 You have to be consistent. If you keep doing it every day, it gets easier and you get stronger.

Emmerson said:

“It’s a consistency that gives you power, not that the nature of the thing changes but that your ability to do is increased.”

To summarize, these are the three simple things that if you do, I promise you that they will literally transform your life!




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December 21, 2016
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