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After over than 20 years of examining self-improvement and peak performance, working with a large number of individuals and families and mentoring and training thousands of individuals, I have to say that MIND SET is one of the major determining factors in the quality and outcome of life!

Mind Set is One of the Major Determining Factors for a Great Quality of Life

After more than two decades of studying personal development and peak performance, after traveling to a lot of countries and multiple continents,  after working with and mentoring and coaching thousands of people and families, I have learned that a healthy mind set is one of the major determining factors in the quality and outcome of life!

If we want to help our children and our families to succeed and really thrive in life, then we have got to help them shape and develop the right mind set because it will literally determine the path they go through the course of their lives and positively or negatively affect their major life decisions.

Think about the different mental paradigms and attitudes you have seen or even experienced and how much it influences how you see the world.

Here’s what I have personally observed. Almost without exception, the mind set that the children end up with, is the mind set that the parents have! Therefore, you and I have to be super careful and honest about our own mental health.

What is Your Personal Mind Set?

  • Do you think the world is a place of abundance or scarcity?
  • What is your outlook on money? Is money ‘good’ or ‘bad’?
  • What things are you afraid of?
  • What is your mind set about relationships and intimacy?
  • What is your attitude about personal improvement and growth?
  • What is your mind set about failure?
  • What is your outlook on approaching strangers?
  • What is your mind set about leadership?
  • What is your belief about education?

I want to give you a challenge to take a good honest look at your personal mind set and be really cautious and careful about that and cultivating the right kind of outlooks and attitudes that we’ll pass on to our kids.

I Changed My Inherited Mind Sets

I grew up in an environment that had a mind set of scarcity, fear of failure, fear of other people, timidity and shyness. These are the things that I inherited, not through genes, but simply through being in that environment. Those were the mental attitudes I went into my teens with! But fortunately I figured out that I had to change them.

As I started studying, reading, digging and learning about the lives of great men and women I realized that they don’t think like that! And if I wanted to totally transform my life, then I had to start right from the mind!

(Check out my Totally Transform Your Life Before Breakfast – a 1.5 hour audio program on how I used a simple morning routine to alter my inherited mental attitudes and beliefs — and get Bibliotherapy: The #1 Habit of Uber-Successful People for FREE! Both are all about MIND SET.)

Most of the problems in our lives, start in the mind! But guess what! The great news is, most of the solutions also start in the mind!!

The vast majority of our problems come back to one thing, which is mind set. Shifting your mental attitudes and paradigms will shift everything else!

Nearly all the great books and movies are based on this one idea, that once we change what’s up in the mind then life changes as well!

Thus, take a good solid look at your own mind set. Be careful, diligent, deliberate and intentional about creating and cultivating a really healthy mental growth paradigm in yourself, and then encourage that in your children. That will set them on a course so that no matter what comes in their way they have a mind set of ‘I can do that’,I can go through this’, ‘I can make it happen’ and ‘I am going to live and create a fantastic life!’



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June 8, 2016
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