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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

“It’s never crowded on the extra mile.” You and your family should be climbing the higher road to success and happiness. Join me on the life long quest for greatness!

Take Your Life to the Next Level

Too many of us go through life with our heads down or we just allow life to happen. Furthermore, we never make a conscious effort to take everything to another level.

We always have a choice! We can choose the lower road or we can choose the higher one. Like the bible said you can choose the broad way or you can choose the narrow way. And in our lives, we want to have an extra mile family where we are doing higher things and better things where we are consciously, intentionally, and deliberately trying to be better to reach upward and elevate every aspect of our lives.


Too often we are letting the culture of the world be our own culture but this is not what we want. We want to be different and establish a fantastic family culture.

I want you to take a good look at each area of your life and say:

  • How can we reach upward
  • How can we have better health -as a family-?
  • How can we eat better?
  • How can we exercise better?
  • How can we learn better?
  • How can we improve ourselves?
  • How can we improve our relationships?
  • How can we even improve our conversations?

Somebody once said:

“Small minds talk about people, mediocre minds talk about events and great minds discuss ideas”

Thus, elevate your conversation, talk about good things and never allow poor conversations in your home and culture.

George Washington said:

“The foolish habits of cursing and swearing is a vice, so mean and so low as to be despised by every person of sense and character.”

Input Determines Output

These little things make a big difference. Thus, if something is not edifying, if it is not inspiring and if it doesn’t lift you then don’t allow it in your family culture because it will have an effect. Believe it or not, some of these things are like poison, they come and start slowly poising your family, therefore, filter everything.

Take your family culture to the highest level where you can really have a tremendous influence on others.

Get on the Quest of Excellence

Make sure to be your best all the time. Make sure, as a family, that everything you do; you do it well -of course, things that matter most- Because there are a lot of people who are trying to do things well that are better if not being done at all. So focus on the things that really matter most and do them in an excellent way and I promise that you will see a tremendous effect on your family.

Reach Upward in Every Area of Your Life

  • Reach upward physically
  • Reach upward mentally
  • Reach upward emotionally
  • Reach upward spiritually
  • Reach upward socially

And just take everything in your family culture and move it up to the next level.




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December 6, 2016
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