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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

I went for a walk in an extremely poor area in Morocco. What I saw was very sobering and very insightful.
What will you do to make a difference among the poor and needy?

Because I Have Given Much I too Must Give Much

I just had this incredible experience that I wanted to share.

We actually spent quite a while living in Costa Rica then we went and lived in Germany for three months. And the contrast from going from Costa Rica to Germany and then from Germany to Morocco has so much value because it gives you real perspective.

Today, my little baby Siege (click here to see her) and I went for a walk in the back of Marrakesh -where no one wants to go- and I was shocked with what I found! There was extreme poverty! Probably most of you have never seen what I am talking about -unless you have been there- Man! It’s one of those sobering reminders. And I was talking to Rachel about this and how important it is for our family to expose ourselves and see how we can help. Particularly, to give us gratitude for how blessed we are and a reminder where much is given much is required.

“Because I have given much I too must give.”

But ironically, the people who are living there are really happy and jovial! Furthermore, I am in a Muslim country, surrounded by thousands of Muslims and I don’t feel any danger in the slightest bit!

What an Unbelievable Offer!

Back to our walk -me and Siege- We went over to this really poor shack and it was rough. And there was a woman in there, she saw Siege and called us and we went over there and she offered us food!!

Another one of those experiences where we go into the poorest places and people in there want to give and share with you their stuff. It’s unbelievable!

The good news is that we found a good place where we can serve and make a difference! And the life’s ironic lesson is that we found a place where we can be taught!

I think we all need to go -in a safe way- to places where we can make a difference, where we can interact, and where we can be face to face and get to know the people. Because they are human beings just like you and me and we certainly can do something good for them.

That’s my message: get in touch with a needy in the world and do your part.




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December 26, 2016
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