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Greg Denning. Reach Upward

One of the greatest inhibitors to life success is that most people don’t do what needs to be done on their own.
We must learn to develop inside of us a motivation, determination and discipline to do what we know we should do without someone looking over our shoulder.

Self Motivation is one of the chief characteristics of high performers! With no doubt, this video will certainly motivate you and make you feel you really want to change!

Develop Your Inside

One of the greatest inhibitors in the lives of most people and one of the greatest stumbling blocks to success is that people don’t do what needs to be done on their own. Unless there is a boss looking over their shoulder!  People do not create a great  business or exceptional work! Unless there is somebody holding their hand or kind of babysitting them!

Most people do not do what they really need to do to excel and reach for greatness! It often happens with the doctors. Some people just wait until the doctor says: “look, either you change or you die!”

So, we have got to be able to develop inside of us that:

  • Self-discipline.

  • Self-motivation.

  • Self-initiative.

  • Self-drive.

Overall, self-mastery gets us to do what we need to do and this has to come from within! Because successful people learned how to do this from within! Successful people do not sit around and wait for someone to offer them a great job! They are making it happen! 

This lack of self-determination is like a giant anchor that keeps us back from our DREAMS! It is like a chain that keeps us and blocks us from climbing high and reaching greatness! 

Two Great Lessons That Will Help You Through Your Journey

Well, I guess there are two great lessons that come from this:

  • #1 By all means. get a mentor or a coach! The best Olympians in the world have COACHES still. I personally have my mentors. Some of them have been dead for centuries! But I still do read their stuff and I still think with their minds! Some of them are:

charles          james allen           tede roosvelte


Thus, I highly encourage you to get a mentor, read great books and follow great leaders. Try to find people that are really succeeding in the area you want to succeed and pattern your life after that!

  • #2 Develop inside you the discipline! Try to do what needs to be done.

Martin Luther King used a phrase that I love, he called it the “tranquilizing drug of gradualism”. We need to take action now! I do admit that it is a little bit hard though, but any great accomplishment requires and demands of us great effort! Don’t let difficulty stop you, DO IT ANYWAY!

  • If it is inconvenient, do it anyway!
  • If it is hard , do it anyway!
  • If you might fail, do it anyway!
  • If there is a chance that people may ridicule you, do it anyway!
  • If you are uncomfortable, do it anyway!
  • If you are uncertain, do it anyway!
  • If you are scared to death, do it anyway!

Let’s go after our dreams with this drive inside. Learn to motivate yourself, to push yourself, to drive yourself and to discipline yourself!



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