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I see couples who are very basic to each other. Indeed, even in jokes or in dos, never at any point do that! Try not to turn down your life partner or yourself. In any case, rather, be a person that is constantly positive, constantly complimentary, continually enlightening and particularly your spouse. 

Derogatory Marriage

There are a few things in life as great as a great marriage. And on the other side there are a few miserable things as a marriage when it is not working. I want to talk this morning about one thing which is a DEROGATORY MARRIAGE.


de·rog·a·to·ry : /dəˈräɡəˌtôrē/ adjective

  •   Detracting from the character or standing of something —often used with to, towards, orof

  •   Expressive of a low opinion :  disparaging <derogatory remarks>

  • showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
  • Expressing a low opinion of someone or something : showing a lack of respect for someone or something.


The word DEROGATORY means disrespectful. Well too often I see couples who are critical to one another. Even in jests or in jocks, never ever do that! Do not turn down your spouse or yourself. But instead, be a person that is always positive, always complimentary, always edifying and building others, especially your spouse. Make sure to always speak good about your spouse and yourself as well.

Be Positive and Always Focus on The Good

So let us make sure to be always positive, to always build others and ourselves. When you are speaking about your spouse in front of others, speak highly. ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE GOOD! This will affect the way you think and it will affect the way you treat your spouse. And the result is to have a fantastic marriage!

Never Ever Turn Down Your Spouse

One great principle is to NEVER EVER EVER turn down your spouse! Always seek to build and compliment. It is a little thing though, but I promise that it will make a huge difference in the quality of your marriage!




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February 2, 2016

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