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You deserve to be happy! Choose it! Happiness is a way of being; there is a recipe and a formula for life.

Can You Do bad and Still Be Happy?

The other morning while we were doing our family devotional, we open up a book -one of the books we often use is this book of philosophy- and it had a question there about happiness. What is happiness? And the book says: can you do bad and still be happy? And we got -me and my family- into this great discussion about happiness and it was fun and so exciting .


Can you feel sad and be happy?

Can you feel other emotions and still be happy?

What is happiness really and how do you achieve it?

We all want to be happy. The whole world is seeking happiness and people do what they do -sometimes even crazy things- because they are seeking after happiness and want to be happy.

What Is Happiness?

Well the next day in a book I am reading, the next chapter happen to be about happiness. It was so fun to explore this whole idea, therefore I wanted to share that with you.

What is happiness?

Is it an emotion?

Is it merely a feeling?

Is it something that happens every once in awhile?

Is it chance?

Is it only for the lucky?

I really come down to this idea that happiness is a way of being! Where inside of that way you get to experience all the good emotions. But how you get this way right? Well, it is actually so simple though. You simply get this way of being by choosing it! Happiness is a choice! But unfortunately, too many people inadvertently or unconsciously are choosing other things besides happiness.

I want to ask you this question: what is your predominant emotion? What is it that you feel most of the time? As I have asked that to a lot of different people, the most common answers I get are frustration or ‘blah’!

Well, the fact is that we choose to get bothered by little things and we choose to get frustrated about things that may even be outside of our control. But why not choose happiness rather than frustration?

Choose to Be Happy

Therefore, I want to challenge you to wake up every morning and choose happiness. It’s a choice so why not choose it? And choose to live in the way of happiness. And happiness includes serving others, it includes striving to be a really good person, and it includes living a good happy life.

Thus, wake up every day, live in that way of being, refuse to be bothered by small insignificant things and choose to be happy all the time.

Remember, only small people who are bothered by small things.




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December 12, 2016
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