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Screen time is the new drug. As wonderful as technology is, we have to control it before it controls us. Too many are already struggling with screen addiction.
I love technology. I love my Macbook Pro and my new iPhone 6. But they don’t control my life. Why? Because I don’t let them.
screenEverywhere we look, we see people zoned out and on their phones. What’s in their hands is getting out of hand. 😉
Technology addiction, social media addiction, screen addiction. Too many youth and adults are allowing their lives to slip away while they stare mindlessly at a screen.
There’s a great way to overcome this. That’s what this blog is all about!

Screen Addiction

Well, for years I have had the amazing privilege to be an educational mentor. In fact, I have been able to mentor youths, young adults, and adults in several different countries around the worlds in all kinds of different situations.  But, I have noticed something that’s becoming more and more prevalent which is screen addiction. And as I ask youths and adults about the one thing that is really consuming their time their answers would be about some kind of screens.

Screens Are Important Though

The problem is that there is a hard balance here. Why? Because screens are important and can help in a lot of ways if we just controlled them. Therefore, I want to help you help your children break their screen addiction -and if you have got one too, help you break yours as well-

Even as many great things that are on all the screens we have got in our lives, we really need to have some disconnected time. Because as much as it helps connect people around the world, there is a real danger that it disconnect people in their own homes.

How To Help Your Children Break Their Screen Addiction

So here’s the deal. If you want to help your children break their screen addiction, you have to do it first. If you are not willing to do this, if you are not willing to put it on the line, then dream on my friend. Your kids will never do it either.

xfHere’s one of the big things you need to do. You have got to have a big goal, big dream, big vision and something great you want to work on. Therefore, I want you to take a time right now and say -what kinds of things I want to do next year?- Pick several things that really drive you and that you are really passionate about. And remember to make it big and exceptional. Find that specific thing that just lights your fire. Wait, I thought this was meant to help my children! This is the question that you are asking yourself right now, right? Well my friend, you need to lead by example. In other words, if you want your children to do something, you have to do it first. You can’t just tell them by words to limit their screen addiction because that’s never going to work. Instead, you need to give them a replacement, a big replacement. Hence, if you pick something big and work on, they’ll too.

And then once you have done that and shared your list of dreams and passions with your kids, ask them about their big dreams. And remember, be willing to sacrifice, be willing to through down some money for their projects and for their goals, and be willing to get involved in what they love to do.

So get excited, set standards for yourself, get your child to get excited about a purpose and eventually you’ll be surprised with how many great things you’ll accomplish and how many great things your children will have accomplished as well.



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October 25, 2016
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