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Lessons in Personal, Family and Social Leadership

You Can Deceive The Sheep, But You Cannot Escape The Shepherd

You and I cannot escape the hand of the Shepherd.  No one can deceive God.  Only a fool would think …Read More

Greg DenningAug 15,10

Get The Man A Spoon! Leprosy Affected Blind Man in India

This is an incredible story of a leprosy affected man in southern India who was blind for 20 years. Great …Read More

Greg DenningFeb 18,10

Get Your Backside Outside! Make Time For Nature

Do you ever feel like you just need some peace and quiet? Or like you could use a good recharge …Read More

Greg DenningJun 3,09

The Death of a Child: The Ultimate Reminder of What Really Matters

This amazing experience that I share in this audio recording was a HUGE reminder of what really matters in life. …Read More

Greg DenningAug 22,08
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