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Nourishing and exercising your mind is perhaps the single most important habit for a happy and successful life.
Garbage in, garbage out. Goodness in, goodness out.
Getting a great education with have a positive influence on every other part of your life. Life long learning is the key!
Ignorance has a devastating effect. Become a life long learner.

We Live in The Most Abundant Time in The History of The World 

As far as information goes, we live in the most abundant time in the history of the world. Never before has there been so much information that’s so easily accessible. What a great time to be alive! There is so much knowledge, so much truth and, literally, you and I can carry entire libraries in our pockets!

For example, the complete works of Shakespeare is only 5 megabytes. And there’s 1,000 megabytes per gigabyte. So if you were to fill the back of a pickup truck with books, it’s only one gigabyte. If you have a smartphone that’s on the smaller side, you have 8 to 16 gigabytes. The new iPhone 6 has 128 gigabytes!! And so depending on format and size you can fit between 500 to 1,000 books per gigabyte. To keep it simple, if you have a 16 gigabytes smartphone, you can fit up to 14,000 books!

Now let’s put that into perspective. The average American reads less than one book a year. It’s so sad! But let’s say that you are reading two books a week, that ends up being about a 100 books a year and 1,000 books every decade. So, it would take you a full millennium to read all of the books that could fit in the new iPhone 6!

It’s just astounding. We live in such a great time. And yet here’s a tragedy: people are starving to death mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. All these great information is out there and we have access to books, blogs, videos, great principles and life lessons and yet people are hurting and families are falling a part. People can’t figure out how to get along in relationships, businesses are failing, and yet, the information is out there! The truth is available, but we have to take advantage of it.

There is Never a Graduation From Education

My challenge for you is to literally have a plan, a growth plan and  a learning plan. There is never a graduation from education and don’t ever fall into that trap of ‘I got my education’. Always learn, always have a book in your hands; one you are reading and one you are writing. Have audiobooks on your phone and be constantly listening and learning and going.

When we were living in Guatemala we had a property there, and literally, you can grow anything there. You can take sticks of the trees, stick it in the ground and it’ll grow! Everything grows. There’s water, the soil is so fertile, there is a perfect climate and yet the people are so malnourished! It’s because they’re not eating the right things and they’re not growing the right things. For the most part they just drop down all the trees and plant corn! So how many of us are like that with our education! We’re really missing out. Our minds are suffering from atrophy.

Learn From The Deer’ Story

Here’s another true story. Many years ago there was a great snow storm in a really bad winter and the deers were starving to death because the couldn’t get to the food. In a good effort and with good intentions, people decided to feed the deer so that they wouldn’t die. And so they brought the deer to these huge corrals and threw in tons of hay. And massive amounts of these deer died that winter with full bellies. Their bellies were full of hay, and yet they died because they didn’t get the nourishment they needed. How many of us are doing the same? Are we getting all of that junk information? Are we are spending our time taking in useless or filthy stuff? There’s jus so much information out there that’s just not worth anything.

So I want to challenge you today to set up that plan I talked to you about. Make sure that you have a clear, concise plan that you work on every day to get a phenomenal education! Make sure it’s great. Put up big filters and only let the best stuff through. There’s more than a lifetime worth of information, so don’t waste it on garbage. Be disciplined about your plan, help your children, your friends and your family and get a great education! Let’s start a reading movement! Let’s start a revolution where with all of this great information, we’re getting a phenomenal education!

So, get excited! Get into those books, share what you’ve learned, get your friends involved and get going.



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