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Raising your children well is one of the most important things you will ever do. It’s tough; it’s frustrating; it’s exhausting… and it’s WONDERFUL!
Here are 8 simple things you can do immediately to be a better parent.


Parenting is one of the most important things in your life but I admit that it can be exhausting sometimes. But again, I really want to emphasize that it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your life!  

Thus; in this case, I want to share 8 simple things -proven strategies actually- to help you become a better parent.

PS: I am not sharing this because I am the perfect parent but because I want to become one. I really one to become a perfect parent, therefore I am constantly studying and thinking about how can I improve and how can I be better.

One of the most important principles is that we have to spend quality time with our children.


Hence, here are 8 simple steps that I think will help you as a parent:

#1 Read Together

You know how much I LOVE reading! I read all the time on my own but I also read to my children. Furthermore, I literally try to read to my children every single day. Thus, I highly encourage you to read great books with your children.

#2 Play Together

Get out and do fun things! It may be music, dancing, camping, going to concerts, going to museums…etc whatever it is, just have fun and enjoy life.

#3 Eat Together

This one is really important! Sit down and have your meals together. Also, try to make those meals meaningful. How? Have great conversations, talk about good things, ask good questions and share good ideas.

#4 Teach and Learn Together

You need to teach your children great principals, correct ideas and give them guidance and help.

We created to help families get a world class education. So if you haven’t been over there, please go check it, put your name and email address and will send you great stuff about getting a phenomenal education as a family.

#5 Be Happy Together

Be sincerely happy, teach your children what happiness is, show them how to be happy, model it for them and show them that happiness is a choice.

(How to be happy now)

#6 Work Together

Learn how to do good work and do things that really matter. Let your children in the family business and let them into the household work of building, creating and maintaining something. Whatever it is, just do work together. Teach your children to work and to earn what really matters in life.

#7 Do Dates

Take your children on dates -daddy daughter, father son, mommy daughter, mommy son..- just take them on date, get some individual time, do something fun and create those memories.

#8 One on One

It is more of a meeting where you just have one on one. For instance, my wife and I like to do this as a couple and meet with each child individually. We also do what called ‘mentor meetings’ where we meet our children and ask them how they are doing, are they struggling with anything and hold them accountable for their goals, objectives, and commitments.

These are just 8 simple things that you can implement every day and that will make a huge difference!

Remember, parenting is so special and so important, therefore, study it, work at it practice it and always try to improve it and to take it to the next level.

Parenting is one of the most important things you’ll ever do so make it count.



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