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Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time, energy, resources, etc to adequately fortify your family? You’re not alone!
One the best things you can do to strengthen you family is to REDUCE!
In this video, I discuss the benefits of and the effective ways to reduce all the excess in your life–from clutter to commitments; from devices to people, to schedules, and more.
Unburdening your family from unnecessary distractions will bring a power and a peace and a freedom that will do wonders for your relationships!

Prioritizing Is the Righ Way

Too many of us are just pulled in so many directions therefore, we feel we don’t have enough energy, time and don’t have the resources to do what we want to do. But the truth is, you can do anything you want but you can’t do everything you want to do. You have to prioritize and choose.

Too many of us get going with stuff and things and forgetting that everything we have takes up time, energy, effort and attention. Thus, I invite you to look at all your stuff and all your consistent habits and then prioritize them. Set up rules and boundaries about how much each family member is going to use a specific habit -or stuff- and then keep it at a minimum. Actually, some of the things may even have to go and your TV may be one of those things.

My invitation is to list out all the things you have that are consistently taking attention and time and say which ones can be reduced and which ones can be eliminated.

Family Is What Matters Most

Another thing that’s plugging people is expenses or bills. About this a great book called “Lifeonaire” by Shaun McCloskey and Steve Cook which I highly recommend. The principle of the book is to reduce your bills and reduce this idea of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and having more and more stuff. The book says as you reduce your stuff and your expenses, it lowers stress and frees up time to live more intentionally and more purposefully.

Family is what matters most! Too often we think that this is for our family and so we acquire all these things and we work all the time but really what the family needs most is you. They need you to be present, they need you to be giving your very best to them and not just your very best to work.

Therefore, simplify your schedules, reduce all the things and the distractions and get that down to a comfortable minimum. Again, all these things can be very good but they have got to be prioritized and scheduled with boundaries and limitations so that they are adding real value to your life and not taking you away from what you really want most.

Last but not least, you need to eliminate all the negativity from your life. Any input that doesn’t fit with your highest family values needs to be eliminated.

Again my challenge is to do something today. Identify clearly what are the limitations and the boundaries, reduce, get rid of what needs to, and make sure that everything in your life is there because you wanted it there and because it brings real value to your life.



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November 14, 2016
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