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Awesome relationships are what makes life so rewarding and enjoyable. We have to really connect in order to create awesome relationships.
Your relationships are so important. Give them the time and attention they need.
There are proven strategies to connect with the people you love in a much deeper way.

Have You Lost Your Authenticity
I just had an awesome experience last week. I went to the canyons with over sixty youth and some other mentors and just had an incredible time with these wonderful young people, creating a environment and a culture of authenticity. We had some physical challenges and mental challenges which were awesome but the best part of the whole experience was getting to break down these barriers. In the states, we’ve become really good about
wearing masks and we have been great about putting up this ‘facade’. Whether it is the clothes, the cars, the house, the appearance, the actions or the things we say and do. And with all that, we have lost some authenticity. In other words, we have either become afraid or intimidated about being authentic and about being real. It’s not about hanging out your dirty laundry so to speak, but it’s  just about being you.


And that makes us feel vulnerable. Sometimes we want people to think we’re perfect, and then when they find that we’re not, we want them to be forgiving of our imperfections and then -kind of ironically- we hold others to this perfect standard. We like to compare one person’s highlight real with our weakness and things that aren’t going right for us.

I want to challenge you to practice being authentic.  Just be you! Take a minute right now and just examine yourself,

  • How different are you in public and in private?
  • Are you a monster at your house and then once the doorbell rings you’re the kindest person on earth?
  • Are the kind of person who speaks behind people’s back?
  • Are you open about the things you are struggling with and your own challenges?
  • Are you trying to paint this perfect picture?

The Walls Activity

We did this activity called ‘walls’-maybe you have seen it before- It’s where you get together, maintain eye contact,  touch hands and then share things that are deeply meaningful and personal. And I have never experienced anything in my life that can connect people so powerfully  and intimately than just being completely authentic, open and trusting. It has to be the right people in the right situation, but just to touch a hand and to look someone in the eye, and share back and forth is as though you’re walking on sacred, holy ground. There’s a trust there. There’s a vulnerability there. There’s an openness where we get to see each other as a whole person. You get to see the body and the soul. You get a glimpse into the emotion and the mind . You get to see them as a real person, as a human being! We’re going through this journey together and it’s such a great reminder that we’re not here to compete with each other. We’re not here to put each other down. We’re here to build, lift and love. And if we would all do better at this, the world would be so much better! But that’s too big. What you can do is start being better at that yourself. So my challenge to you is to start being more authentic. Start being more open and consistent. Wherever you are, in public or private, at church or work, at school or at home, be you. And be the very best you. Keep striving to grow and improve but just be you. 

No more masks, no more facades, no more smokescreens and trying to hid the real you. Just be yourself and it will start releasing some of those insecurities walls, and barriers that are keeping others out. And we nee to start to make connections and build phenomenal relationships.



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October 28, 2016
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